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Sidekick Terminology Resources aims to provide linguists at all levels with researched information to help provide better context and information for word choices in medical situations. Want to work at that medical conference but don't have the time to research? Maybe you want to accept more medical translation assignments? Curious about translation or interpreting in medical contexts? Let Sidekick Terminology Resources do the work for you.



Jaclyn Kershaw has a passion for words; she believes more linguists are needed and her goal is to provide better resources for linguists at all stages of their careers to help them have a stronger impact in their community. She is a medical translator with a BA in Spanish, a BA in Biology with a concentration in forensic science, and a MS in Translation with a focus in medical translation and terminology. She volunteered for three years on the Board of Directors as the Director of Membership at the Delaware Valley Translators Association, her local ATA branch. Jaclyn strongly believes language should never be a barrier.

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